Ugly Betty: The Perfect Ending

The series finale of Ugly Betty aired last Wednesday, April 14, 2010; and, if ever a TV show could be said to have aired its perfect ending, this is one shining example of that.

***SPOILERS AHEAD, if you haven’t seen it yet***

After 4 years, everyone on the show pretty much gets what he or she wants/needs, and so do the viewers.

Wilhelmina gets Mode, with Marc as her Creative Director; Amanda finds her father and is working on becoming a stylist; Christina (though she doesn’t appear in this episode) is an up-and-coming fashion designer; Hilda is happily married; Justin is out of the closet and has an adorable boyfriend; Ignacio still has his woman (even if she’s not in this episode) and is happy for his daughters and grandson; Alexis (though not in this episode) is living in Paris with her son; Gio (not in this episode) is getting married and Henry (not in this episode) seems happy with his son; Claire Meade is still running Meade publications and is happy to see her son Daniel growing up and becoming the man she always knew he could be; and then there’s Betty and Daniel themselves. Betty has taken a job co-running a new, up-and-coming magazine in London, and Daniel has given Mode to Wilhelmina so he can find a job that wasn’t given to him (by his father), so he can prove himself, make something of himself. There is the hint of a spark between Betty and Daniel at the end, as they run into each other in London, and I thought that was perfect. Don’t have them kiss and be in love; that wouldn’t be realistic. This was.

And the final words on the screen: “Ugly Betty,” and then “Ugly” drops out, and we’re left with “Betty,” as a crane shot shows Betty walking through a London crowd, Daniel obviously watching her leave, excited he has found her.

What’s implied is that there will be something between them but maybe not for a while. It will be something that feels right, something organic. Since the writers didn’t have the time to create the proper chemistry for a Betty/Daniel pairing at the end of the show (they had 4 episodes left to write when they got the news they were being canceled), this was the best option. And it really was the best! Love it!

Goodbye, Ugly Betty! You will be missed greatly, but you will live on forever in the form of DVDs. Especially on my DVD shelf. :-)

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