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TV Schedule for Summer 2013 to Spring 2014

UPDATE: Based on the number of views for this page, I’ve decided to restructure it so it’s easier to follow and easier for me to update. Below, you’ll find links to three individual schedules separated by the part of the TV season you’re looking for (e.g., summer, fall/winter, spring). Click the link for the latest […]

The Wabash Men: The Story That’s Writing Itself

I just realized that one of the short stories I’m writing for my MFA thesis actually takes place at Wabash College, which is where I went to undergrad. Isn’t it weird how these things can sneak up on you? Suddenly something just snaps into place in your brain, and the story starts to come together in new ways. It’s exhilarating. […]

Roger’s E-Pub Blog in Syndication

As I might have said before, I’m taking the graduate level Electronic Publishing course at the University of Baltimore this fall, and one of my assignments is to keep an e-pub blog. Which means starting a new one, on Blogspot/Blogger. Mine can be found here, but I think I will go ahead and syndicate each […]

Reviewing the Season Finale of Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Wow. When I first started watching Spartacus, I never thought I’d say something like this, but…this finale is one of the best episodes of anything. Ever. Congrats, Steven DeKnight: You have a hit series. ***SPOILERS AHEAD, if you haven’t seen the episode yet*** This season finale was incredible. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. When […]

If I Had the Chance, I’d Ask the World to Dance…

Spring break started Thursday for most of us, but we didn’t really get started celebrating until last night. Here’s a little peek at our 80s dance night at The Depot. I never care to dance, but no matter what we do, I always have a blast with my fellow MFAers. And Lori brought a friend […]