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Spec Writing for TV (Seriously)

I have two main dilemmas related to TV spec writing that I’d love to have some input on: navigating network credibility and writing the serial drama. Network Credibility and the TV Spec Market I once read that it’s pointless to write a spec script of a CW show, because the fledgling network is considered the red-headed stepchild […]

2014–2015 TV Schedule

As an aspiring screenwriter and television writer, I make a post like this every year to keep everyone abreast of what shows are currently inspiring me. It’s my hope that others will follow along and maybe reach out to discuss the shows. But this year, I made a decision: I’m taking a different approach to […]

Steve Grand and His “All-American Boy”

UPDATE: You can now find Life on Other Moons in e-book form at Smashwords, Amazon, B&N, and other major retailers!   Here’s an edited version of a letter I sent to Steve Grand a few days after his song “All-American Boy” exploded on YouTube. In case you’ve been living under a rock, don’t listen to […]

New WWDC Developments

I’ve been trying to keep up on some of the WWDC blogs and articles, and there were a few today that I wanted to share. First, iOS 5 will bring the iTunes Tone Store. No longer will the iPhone be limited to the text message tones built in to the operating system. True, there were […]

Announcing the Summer 2011 to Spring 2012 Television Season

In terms of television cancellations/number of shows ending, this season wasn’t as much of a bloodbath as last season, for me. I lost eight shows last year, including both returning and brand new shows. This year, perhaps because I restricted the number of new shows that I started, I only lost four that I watched […]

Literacy Falls

I read an article for my Publishing Process class this week. Actually, it’s more of an abstract for the article; actually, the article is more of a long essay, a compelling report about the decline of reading, not only in younger generations but also in adults. The report is called Reading at Risk, and that title […]