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Blog Stats for Dec. 2011 and All of 2011

As you can see in the stats infographic, December 2011 was a big month for my blog, with 22.5% of all traffic for the year happening in December. In particular, the entry “Announcing the Summer 2011 to Spring 2012 Television Season” picked up a ton of traffic and was the top-viewed entry for the month and […]

Tickets to the Apocalypse

BALTIMORE — It’s been kind of a crazy week on the East Coast. And in the world, for that matter. A 5.8 magnitude earthquake hit Mineral, VA, on Tuesday, August 23rd and was felt in D.C., Maryland, New York, and probably even further than that. I felt it in Baltimore; I was at work when […]

New Website, Only Two Months Late!

I wanted to have this done about two months ago; clearly, I failed. Life just got in the way. And the kicker? It’s still not ready yet. The hypertext story is still in development (that’s a lot of pages to change!), but it will be back eventually. A few other parts are missing (e.g., the […]

Who’s Stupid NOW?

Just yesterday, Lance Ulanoff of PC Magazine wrote that Apple will never sell an unlocked iPhone because there isn’t a market for it, because “Apple isn’t stupid.” But who’s stupid now? Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh, but how embarrassing is this, to have to retract/note/caveat such an article? I guess some people really didn’t see this […]

iMessages, Busyness, and the Future of My Computing

I just read an interesting update on how iMessages works. I had been wondering about this. Would iMessages replace the old Messages app, and how would one send text messages to non-iPhone users? Well, the answers are “yes” and “very carefully.” ;-) Here’s what COMPUTERWORLD had to say: “If the recipient isn’t using an Apple […]

New WWDC Developments

I’ve been trying to keep up on some of the WWDC blogs and articles, and there were a few today that I wanted to share. First, iOS 5 will bring the iTunes Tone Store. No longer will the iPhone be limited to the text message tones built in to the operating system. True, there were […]