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All This Busyness Business

Wow, it’s a busy week. Sunday, Justin and I went to the aquarium with Lori, Kari, Eli, Wendy, and Danielle. It was a University of Baltimore event night. UB students got in for free; it was only $5 or $6 for Justin. Not bad, considering it’s normally $25 to go, and I don’t think they’re […]

Snow Update

All this snow was fun for a few days, but in the last couple of days, it has officially become a pain. Thursday, Kari and I spent about an hour digging her car out of the snow so she could go to a follow-up job interview the next morning. The wall/gate around the parking lot […]

Open for Friday?

Apparently, the university is going to be open tomorrow, officially, but liberal leave is in effect, so a lot of classes probably won’t happen (thankfully, I don’t have any classes after Wednesday anyway). Phase II of the Snow Emergency Plan for Baltimore City is still in effect for Friday, so cars will be towed if […]

Out on the (Mid)Town (and Mount Vernon)

After LOST last night, Kari and I made the trek across Howard Street and down a few blocks to Chase Street, where we met up with Eli, Tykia, and Jared at a bar called Dougherty’s. Well, after passing it and having to turn around once, but that’s beside the point. We hung out there for […]

Lazy Snow Day Blues

It’s snowing again. We’re supposed to get another 10 inches or so, for a total of about 38. I don’t like this because it’s making me lazy! I need to do homework, even though I don’t have class this week. Can’t fall behind. UPDATE: I have lost track of how many inches we have gotten […]

Bollywood’s FIRST Gay Love Story

When I first saw this headline, I was a little shocked. Hadn’t there already been gay characters (and gay characters kissing) in Indian cinema? Fire was released in 1996, and it features two women who befriend each other and, ultimately, fall in love. It’s pretty low-key but still homosexual/bisexual. UPDATE: I guess the reason it doesn’t […]