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And So the Manuscript Begins

If you didn’t already know, I had my second public fiction reading on Thursday, December 13, 2012, at the University of Baltimore. This performance consisted of one (very) short story and parts of two longer ones from my thesis-in-progress. Since then, so far I’ve managed to do a little reading (in my head) but haven’t […]

The Wabash Men: The Story That’s Writing Itself

I just realized that one of the short stories I’m writing for my MFA thesis actually takes place at Wabash College, which is where I went to undergrad. Isn’t it weird how these things can sneak up on you? Suddenly something just snaps into place in your brain, and the story starts to come together in new ways. It’s exhilarating. […]

Carver’s ‘Cathedral’: Once More with Context

(NOTE: I originally posted this as a review of Carver’s book on Goodreads. I’ve since edited it to have it make more sense outside of Goodreads.) I just read Raymond Carver’s short story collection Cathedral. I’m still processing it; I think I liked it 4 stars’ worth. And if I didn’t already own it, I’d […]


In May 2013, I will graduate with an M.F.A. in Creative Writing and Publishing Arts from the University of Baltimore (U.B.). That means I have just over a year (1.25 of a year) to do the following and to take stock of my life and my career: revise any pre-2012 stories that I have written […]

Spring Semester Starts

Well, the new semester has begun; already, we’ve missed out on a day of class because of snow. For much of the day on Thursday, it really wasn’t that bad, wasn’t even snowing, but it did get kind of “bad” later on, so I guess it’s okay. There was even some thunder, which was weird […]

REB #16: "With the advent of ebook self-publishing and the democratization of distribution … the power of publishing is shifting away from publishers and into the hands of authors and readers where it belongs."

– Mark Coker interview Yesterday, I found this interview with Mark Coker, Founder and CEO of the electronic publishing company Smashwords. In it, he describes the changing nature of the publishing industry, highlighting his role and understandably praising his own brand of electronic self-publishing. Thisis marketing 101 after all: you do an interview to raise awareness for […]