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REB #25: “Electronic distribution is more of a fall-back strategy for putting out a book that isn’t deemed profitable enough to print. You hardly make any money publishing an electronic book.”

– Rudy Rucker I went to the grand opening of Baltimore Print Studios today. I’m still not entirely sure what this business is going to be offering to Baltimore (or anyone, for that matter), but it’s a neat little shop, and the opening was pretty cool. We got to walk around and look at all […]

REB #16: "With the advent of ebook self-publishing and the democratization of distribution … the power of publishing is shifting away from publishers and into the hands of authors and readers where it belongs."

– Mark Coker interview Yesterday, I found this interview with Mark Coker, Founder and CEO of the electronic publishing company Smashwords. In it, he describes the changing nature of the publishing industry, highlighting his role and understandably praising his own brand of electronic self-publishing. Thisis marketing 101 after all: you do an interview to raise awareness for […]

REB #9: "Once you know what the story is and get it right—as right as you can, anyway—it belongs to anyone who wants to read it. Or criticize it."

– On Writing by Stephen King This week, we’re writing about our author/artist websites, which we will be designing and potentially publishing over the course of the next month. First up: the content of my site. I’ve had a blog for almost a year now, one that I’ve actually managed to update on a fairly […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know it’s early, but I wanted to put up a Thanksgiving entry, because I probably won’t have access to a computer again until Friday. I’m going to Pennsylvania to spend Thanksgiving with Hélène and Arturo at Penn State, and I leave tomorrow morning/afternoon. I’ll post something more substantial soon. I’ve already got a potential […]

Wild Things and Firings

Read this article, this disgustingly inappropriate, judgmental, and libelous piece of journalism, and then click on the Feedback link at the top and request that Jan Moir be fired and her editors reprimanded and/or fired. A man died, and she demonizes him and everything he stands for in this article. It’s inexcusable, no matter what […]