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Steve Grand and His “All-American Boy”

UPDATE: You can now find Life on Other Moons in e-book form at Smashwords, Amazon, B&N, and other major retailers!   Here’s an edited version of a letter I sent to Steve Grand a few days after his song “All-American Boy” exploded on YouTube. In case you’ve been living under a rock, don’t listen to […]

The Object of My Prepositions: A Search for Prince Charming

**Assuming lone essays can have dedications, this one is partially for the creators and crew of ABC’s Once Upon a Time but mostly for Justin. Ich liebe dich—immer, ständig. ** In my Indiana childhood, on the edge of the Bible Belt, I invoked a constant, subconscious, and, for some, immoral vigil—always on the lookout for […]

Squirmy Change and Gay Sharing

I’ve always had a weird attitude toward change, at least for most things (good changes include computer upgrades, lower gas prices, better recipes, etc.). I don’t do well with spontaneity, for example; that’s very bad, and it’s a form of change. I don’t like to make choices on-the-spot (e.g., “Where do you feel like going […]

Queerness Is Multiplied

There’s something of a GLBTQA presence at AWP, so when I go next week, I’d like to see what that’s all about. And while we’re on the subject, can we please not lump gay/lesbian, bi, transsexual/transgender, queer, and asexual into one massive, ugly string of letters? Who started that, anyway? Is it necessary to add […]