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Announcing the Summer 2011 to Spring 2012 Television Season

In terms of television cancellations/number of shows ending, this season wasn’t as much of a bloodbath as last season, for me. I lost eight shows last year, including both returning and brand new shows. This year, perhaps because I restricted the number of new shows that I started, I only lost four that I watched […]

Productivity Remarks: Technology Has Me in a Twitter

Until I started reading The Elements of Typographic Style, I never thought about the productivity aspect of why reading from a screen is worse than reading from a printed page. I’ve always thought/heard that the backlighting is killer (and, really, it does harm the reading experience, to an extent, at least any long reading). But it […]

Announcing TwitTV?

With the official fall 2010 TV season just around the corner (FYI, some shows will start up in less than a month), I would like to try an experiment: I’ve been wanting to force myself to write/blog more often anyway, so one of my ideas is to start a regular section/tag of this blog called TwitTV […]