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Who’s Stupid NOW?

Just yesterday, Lance Ulanoff of PC Magazine wrote that Apple will never sell an unlocked iPhone because there isn’t a market for it, because “Apple isn’t stupid.” But who’s stupid now? Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh, but how embarrassing is this, to have to retract/note/caveat such an article? I guess some people really didn’t see this […]

iMessages, Busyness, and the Future of My Computing

I just read an interesting update on how iMessages works. I had been wondering about this. Would iMessages replace the old Messages app, and how would one send text messages to non-iPhone users? Well, the answers are “yes” and “very carefully.” ;-) Here’s what COMPUTERWORLD had to say: “If the recipient isn’t using an Apple […]

New WWDC Developments

I’ve been trying to keep up on some of the WWDC blogs and articles, and there were a few today that I wanted to share. First, iOS 5 will bring the iTunes Tone Store. No longer will the iPhone be limited to the text message tones built in to the operating system. True, there were […]

WWDC 2011: Favorites and Failures

Apple made some big announcements on Tuesday at WWDC, and while many people (Android enthusiasts, Apple haters, and well-balanced critics) are saying that most of the upcoming new features are, in fact, not new—that they are “unoriginal” or “stolen” or “copied” or “underwhelming” or whatever—I just think that they’re overdue. I’m not worried about the […]

Literacy Falls

I read an article for my Publishing Process class this week. Actually, it’s more of an abstract for the article; actually, the article is more of a long essay, a compelling report about the decline of reading, not only in younger generations but also in adults. The report is called Reading at Risk, and that title […]