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REB #49: “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

– Winston Churchill Aaaaannnd….that’s it! This is the last post I will be making on this blog. It’s early Monday morning, so technically, our last class is tonight; this blog has served its purpose. To my fellow classmates, best of luck on your final projects, presentations, and so on. I’ll be seeing you To anyone […]

REB #45: “So, that notion of hypertext seemed to me immediately obvious because footnotes were already the ideas wriggling, struggling to get free, like a cat trying to get out of your arms.”

– Ted Nelson This evening, I decided to take Jenny up on her offer: instead of going to class to work, I worked from home. I write better when I’m not surrounded by other people who are working on their own things (and all different types of projects), talking, making computer noises, etc. Nothing against […]

REB #33: “But people that are worried about unborn babies are the same ones that vote against kindergarten programs in Indiana or school lunch funds out of the federal government.”

– Birch Bayh (yeah, an unfortunate name…) I started doing some work on my hypertext narrative the other day, and when I went back to it today, I got excited. This is such a fun story to write! I love the way the characters interact; I don’t usually write characters like this. Furthermore, I’ve never really […]