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Since I Last Blogged

Since I last blogged, the world lost a chief inventor. Steve Jobs died a legend, for better or worse. I’ll go with better. Because since I last blogged, the emergency alert system at Virginia Tech rang out for the second time in four months; gunfire rang out for the second time in four years. Thirty-five […]

Osama Bin Laden is Dead

As I was watching Brothers & Sisters tonight on my DVR, I first found out via Twitter that Osama Bin Laden was dead. Minutes later, I received an AP alert on my phone. The news exploded even more on Twitter and Facebook after that, and then, my DVR caught up with the world, and a […]

REB #49: “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

– Winston Churchill Aaaaannnd….that’s it! This is the last post I will be making on this blog. It’s early Monday morning, so technically, our last class is tonight; this blog has served its purpose. To my fellow classmates, best of luck on your final projects, presentations, and so on. I’ll be seeing you To anyone […]

REB #45: “So, that notion of hypertext seemed to me immediately obvious because footnotes were already the ideas wriggling, struggling to get free, like a cat trying to get out of your arms.”

– Ted Nelson This evening, I decided to take Jenny up on her offer: instead of going to class to work, I worked from home. I write better when I’m not surrounded by other people who are working on their own things (and all different types of projects), talking, making computer noises, etc. Nothing against […]

TwitTV: Smallville, 10×06, “Harvest”

Right off the bat, we actually hear Clark say that he is an alien. I love this because it’s not often that we think of Superman or Clark as an alien, per se. He’s just a superhero. Of course, Clark isn’t Superman yet, but he will be soon! And for Lois, even now, she thinks […]

TwitTV: Smallville, 10×04, “Homecoming”

At least one critic on TV.com said that all this episode – “Homecoming” (the 200th) – does is tell us that Clark’s dark side is a combination of his troublesome past and his fear of the future, and the episode certainly does do that. BRAINIAC beats that message into Clark’s head, mentioning it several times […]