‘Star Trek: Phase II’ Features Gay Storyline and AIDS Metaphor

AIDS Ribbon

IMAGE CREDIT: Creative Commons image by sassy mom on Flickr.

Wow. I don’t know how to feel about this. The writing, at the worst of times, borders on cheesy and bad, but the story itself seems solid. There’s an interesting metaphor for AIDS underlying the story, and although I resisted at first, I kind of like the way the gay storyline plays out; I like the boldness, in the end. That said, most of the acting is not great, but it’s all volunteers, so this is what you get for free labor. ;-) FYI, there are more episodes, and some of the original Star Trek cast members are in some of those other episodes, including George Takei.

Productionwise, I’m amazed at what they can do on such a low budget, as this web show is funded entirely by cast, crew, and fans. It is an extension of the original Star Trek show from the 1960s, meant to complete the 5-year mission the Enterprise was on (the original Star Trek was canceled after season 3). So far, they’ve made 11 episodes of season 4, but that’s since 2003; it’s taking a long time, and who knows when they’ll get to season 5. It’s going to require more donations. Finally, I have no idea how they are getting around copyright issues (maybe they secured the rights or a waiver from the rights holder?), but either way, this is a neat project.


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