Spring Semester Starts

Well, the new semester has begun; already, we’ve missed out on a day of class because of snow. For much of the day on Thursday, it really wasn’t that bad, wasn’t even snowing, but it did get kind of “bad” later on, so I guess it’s okay. There was even some thunder, which was weird but kind of cool. Whatever happens this winter, I just don’t want a repeat of last year, where the University of Baltimore shut down for a week or two because of snow. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it every time I have occasion to: Baltimore (and perhaps Maryland in general) does not know how to handle snow.

Weather aside, the semester is getting off to a fantastic start. I’m taking The Publishing Process and Literary Publications. Both are shaping up to be really helpful, interesting, and fun classes. I’m going to be taking one short story from “previously workshopped” status to revised, workshopped again, and revised again. That means I should have a pretty solid story by the end of the semester, and I’m even required to write a commentary on the changes I make in the final revision, as well as a cover letter that I would then use to submit to a literary magazine (but submission is not required for the class). By the end of the semester, I will have created a submission tracker database to keep track of all the magazines/presses I send my work out to for consideration. And I will have written, edited, designed, and created several handmade books and magazines/journals (including 10 copies of my final project).

I love this program; I really do. I’ll try to remember to keep blogging about these classes as they go along. I think they are going to be two of the most important classes I take here – if not for the program itself, then for my future beyond the program.

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