Somebody That I Used to Know

I had never heard the song “Somebody That I Used to Know” before this week’s episode of Glee; now I have the original as well as the Glee version on my iPod, with equal love.

Somebody That I Used To Know

I really like the story of this moment in the show, too. Blaine and Cooper are brothers. Cooper is a famous TV ad actor and is hardly ever around, but when he is, he’s constantly criticizing Blaine. So Blaine doesn’t know which he prefers: the absentee big brother who won’t criticize him anymore or the brother who shows up and hangs out with him but will always outshine him.

It looks like Matt Bomer (Cooper) is quickly becoming one of the top guest stars ever on Glee—among the likes of Gwenneth Paltrow and Jonathan Groff. The biggest irony: He’s gay (and recently out, publicly anyway), but his character seems to be straight. On the flip side, his onscreen brother is gay, played by straight guy Daren Criss.

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