Since I Last Blogged

Since I last blogged, the world lost a chief inventor. Steve Jobs died a legend, for better or worse.

I’ll go with better.

Because since I last blogged, the emergency alert system at Virginia Tech rang out for the second time in four months; gunfire rang out for the second time in four years. Thirty-five have people died in two Virginia Tech shootings in four years. Is this the right to bare arms or the right to bear-arms? You, crushing life with unhuman power, without reason. With rage, without warning. Exactly what is the difference between “arms” and weapons? Between insanity and hate?

You and me?

Nothing. But since I last blogged, gay men across the world have been beaten or lit on fire or bothMobbed, beaten and burned alive — to death. Like lit but unwanted cigarettes. “No thanks, I’m trying to quit,” you say, and press them into the ground. Lives forever changed, some snuffed out completely. Men (and women?), you, hiding behind masks, hoods, Bibles, anonymity. Mauling freedom with priggish prickery. Recording it, posting it for the world to see: hate incarnate.

Yeah…maybe you see this in the Bible, but it’s no Bible I’d care to own.

Since I last blogged, I’ve decided that nonfiction is just as reasonable as fiction. I can write it. What are the differences, anyway? None of this seems real, but it is.

Nonfiction is fiction is nonfiction.

Since I last blogged, you took my faith in humanity.

You stopped the world ahead of schedule.

And I haven’t blogged since.

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