REB #35: “This November, 12 brides will compete in the only reality show where the winner gets cut.”

– tagline for Bridalplasty, the newest reality show from E!

I was at a friend’s house the other day and saw the trailer for this new “reality” TV show, Bridalplasty.

The premise is that 12 brides-to-be are in competition for plastic surgery. The winner receives full plastic surgery and the wedding of her dreams.

But what about the man? Is he in on it? Is he one of the prizes (and if so, wow, what a catch; please note sarcasm), or does each woman bring her own man to the show, hoping to win a pretty face for him? Again, what a catch! Oh, and what happens to the other 11 women, the losers?

When I saw this trailer, I thought it was a joke. Unfortunately, it’s not.

I think the critics are right: this could very well be “the final TV show ever made before mankind slips quietly into the dust.” It’s times like these that make me dislike the world, especially America. Why do we need this trash on TV, for all to see, and what kind of message is it sending?

I guess our next step is to prepare for alien invasion because anyone out there receiving this broadcast is sure to think we are a bunch of narcissistic, cannibalistic, unrealistic, misogynistic, sadistic, and masochistic pieces of shit that need a full-scale intervention á la “White Man’s Burden” – and stat!

*NOTE: This blog entry is syndicated from a blog I had to start for my Electronic Publishing class at U.B. this semester. I may or may not delete the extraneous blog when the class is over, but I thought I would at least give my readers the opportunity to read the contents of that blog indefinitely.

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