REB #25: “Electronic distribution is more of a fall-back strategy for putting out a book that isn’t deemed profitable enough to print. You hardly make any money publishing an electronic book.”

Rudy Rucker

I went to the grand opening of Baltimore Print Studios today. I’m still not entirely sure what this business is going to be offering to Baltimore (or anyone, for that matter), but it’s a neat little shop, and the opening was pretty cool. We got to walk around and look at all the printing equipment, and there were a few stations where we could print our own signs (there were two different signs to print, none of which are pictured here). The above sign was posted on top of a chest full of printing materials, which, as you can see, we were allowed and encouraged to fondle. In any case, the signs that we were able to print and take home looked like this one (i.e., same typeface and colors). I might frame mine and put them on my wall.

Yeah. They’re that cool.

*NOTE: This blog entry is syndicated from a blog I had to start for my Electronic Publishing class at U.B. this semester. I may or may not delete the extraneous blog when the class is over, but I thought I would at least give my readers the opportunity to read the contents of that blog indefinitely.

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