New Web Design Coming!

Canvas by WooThemes for better web design

In case anyone has even noticed, I’m sorry for all the web design changes in the last couple of days. Over the next few months, I’m going to be stealing time here and there (between work and homework) to make

more site updates, gradually coming up with (I hope) a better web design, a more regular posting schedule, and a better lineup of content.

On that note, from here on I’m putting content into the following six buckets: to write, to read, to watch, to create, to learn, and to inform. These are the verbs I’m currently interested in, so these are the kinds of posts I’m going to be making. This is an inform post; in a few weeks, I hope to start posting a lot more about writing, since I’m heading into my final semester in the MFA program. Those will be “to write” posts.

This all culminates in the launch of my as-of-yet untitled book of short stories in May 2013. If all goes well, I’ll have the web design complete for my MFA reading and book launch party. More details to come.

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