iMessages, Busyness, and the Future of My Computing

I just read an interesting update on how iMessages works. I had been wondering about this. Would iMessages replace the old Messages app, and how would one send text messages to non-iPhone users? Well, the answers are “yes” and “very carefully.”


Here’s what COMPUTERWORLD had to say:

“If the recipient isn’t using an Apple device, then the message (or file) is sent by standard SMS, which is color-coded to green. iOS-to-iOS messages are blue and actually state ‘iMessages’ at the top of the message and in an empty text entry field. But wait, there’s more: The iMessages service syncs conversations between devices automatically, so you can start a conversation on the iPhone and pick it up later on an iPad if you want. ”

Now that’s nifty!

Every time I read something new about Lion, iOS, and iCloud, I get just a little bit more excited. I’m not prepared for July just yet (because I have a lot of things to do before June is over), but I will be happy to be in July when it does happen because that will mean that Lion is just days away. Likewise, I’m not ready for fall just yet, but when it does come, the cool-down and the new iOS/iPhone/iCloud will be welcome changes to my life.


Finally, this is a bit off-topic, but…

I’m considering buying a MacBook Air for my next laptop, so I have something light and compact to carry around (maybe then, I’ll actually take my laptop places rather than use it as a desktop, essentially). I would also buy an iMac for the home, and with the magic of iCloud, they’d both sync to the cloud, along with my iPhone. Oh, convenience, how I love you!

Besides, there’s just no point having a laptop for my home computer if I rarely take it anywhere. Wouldn’t it be better to have a computer with more power and a larger screen for my home computer? I’d get more for my money, for starters; laptops have always been and probably always will be more expensive than equivalent desktops, even for PCs. But then, of course, if I went this route, I’d have to pony up the cash for the Air as well. But that may have been inevitable anyway: a desktop and a laptop. The only difference is that it would be a lightweight laptop.

In the last week or so, I’ve considered saving up to buy the Air now, or relatively soon (after the next update comes), and then using it for work. It would be nice to have a Mac at work, let alone a second computer screen. I’ve asked the IT guy for a second screen for my PC, but I think he’s too busy to bother with it; I think he’s forgotten, and I don’t want to bug him again. So maybe I should just go for a second computer instead.

What to do?

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