I’m Still Here

I haven’t posted in a while; it’s been a busy couple of months, but pretty soon, I will have a lot more free time, so I’ll try to start posting again. For those of you who don’t already know, I got a full-time job in February at an educational publishing company, and between work and school and trying to have a life and a boyfriend, I haven’t had very much time for things like Facebook and Twitter and blogging.

Class is going well, and we’re in the final stretch for the semester. I’ll tell you all about it in a couple of weeks. It’s been a great semester, actually, and there’s a lot to try to pack into a blog post or two.

Highlights to come. Pictures to come. Maybe even some stories or excerpts to come. And, if I can manage it, a website/blog redesign or some sort of update.

Just bear with me.

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