First Reading, Website Update, Etc.

I’m doing my first public reading next month! More details coming soon.

In other news, I hope to have my new website up and running in the next couple of weeks. I’m doing it in my spare time, and I’ve run into a couple of glitches because I’m doing it without tables or frames and with more reliance on CSS. Long story short: I’m learning some new stuff, and it’s tricky. I hope to have the site up and running before the reading next month.

The weekend after the reading, I’m planning on going to the Baltimore (GLBT) Pride Festival. One of my coworkers is in a band called Sweet Leda, and apparently, they are very well received in Maryland (they’ve been featured on A&E’s Random 1 as well as some indie movies, and they’re on the radio), and they’re going to play the festival. So I want to see that. Besides, I’ve been out of the closet since the 2009/2010 Christmas and New Year season, and partially out since summer 2008, and I’ve still never been to a pride festival. Or a gay club, but I don’t know that I’d really have any desire to go to a gay bar. Does anyone else feel that way? Gay but no gay bar? I’d rather just hang out at a friend’s place or my place, or at a “regular” bar. But anyway…

Regarding work, I signed my full contract recently, so I’m an official employee at Words & Numbers. It’s the first job I’ve had that I could really call a “real job.” I don’t mean that as “legitimate.” Rather, it’s the first job I’ve had that I could stick with for a while, without feeling like I’m wasting time. Burger King was my first job. AT&T was the second big one, but that was only meant to be a summer job. Which is good because I don’t think I would have made it any longer. It’s just not my kind of work. The stress involved is different than other jobs I’ve had, and I felt like I was in some kind of mafia the entire time. With this job, educational publishing, it could actually be a career if I wanted it to be. At some point after I finish my M.F.A., though, I’m going to be itching to get into the literature side of publishing and to try a new city. That’s a couple of years down the road, though. And yes, at Words & Numbers, there are confidentiality/mafia aspects because of the nature of the work (we’re writing/editing educational texts that won’t be published until next year or beyond) but they’re much easier to deal with.

Okay, time to go. I’ve already wasted half the day, and I need to get some things done. I’m making pizza (from scratch) this weekend. :-)

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