Boston Attacked for 2nd Time the Same Week Congress Failed to Pass Gun Reform

If you’re reading this on Friday morning (April 19, 2013), and you were in bed by 10 p.m. the previous night, “lucky” you; you missed it. Late Thursday night, Boston (specifically Watertown, around MIT) came under attack for the second time this week. Gunshots and explosions rang out. I don’t know that it’s related to the bombings earlier this week, but it doesn’t matter; either way, it’s getting ridiculous.

From Twitter: “2 suspects in a gun and IED explosives battle that appears to be over near Boston – not clear if they are the marathon guys – officers down.”

At least one member of the Boston police force died. I don’t really know any more details at the time of this writing. Check this out for more.

So maybe I’m not saying it first, and please excuse my language, but I’m going to say it nonetheless:

Fuck you, Congress, and your 2nd amendment.

How about we get something done to protect U.S. citizens? I’m not saying that passing a new gun law would have stopped this from happening (especially passing it just this week). People will still get guns illegally no matter what. But if the law is done right, it could mitigate even illegal gun activity to an extent.

Harsher gun laws won’t erase gun violence in the United States, but they will go a long way toward helping the cause. And that’s all we can hope for.

What do you think about this event or about gun laws? Share in the comments below! My thoughts are with Boston tonight/this morning.

UPDATE: I won’t do a rehash, but here’s an article that goes into a lot more detail.

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