Blog Stats for Dec. 2011 and All of 2011

Blog stats: December notched 22.5% of all hits for the year 2011

December notched 22.5% of all hits for the year 2011

As you can see in the stats infographic, December 2011 was a big month for my blog, with 22.5% of all traffic for the year happening in December. In particular, the entry “Announcing the Summer 2011 to Spring 2012 Television Season” picked up a ton of traffic and was the top-viewed entry for the month and for the entire year. Actually, it’s the top-viewed blog entry since I bought this domain and switched to full hosting. I guess I need to write about TV more often.

*CAVEAT: I did make some changes to the blog design in December, which accounts for some of the extra hits (for some reason, it counts my views, but I don’t think it should), but that shouldn’t inflate anything by more than 20–40 hits.

P.S. Let the record state that this is my first real foray into Adobe Illustrator and professional-style infographics (as opposed to cookie-cutter Excel pie charts and bar graphs, etc.).

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