Alla My Friends ‘n’ Stuff

Last night, I went with Justin, Lori, and Danielle to see a play, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf. My roommate Kari was the assistant stage manager, and Kimberley Lynne, a mutual friend and fellow MFAer, was co-director. The stage itself was simple: a rainbow curtain hung on the right side, the girls all wore a solid-colored dress (i.e., a girl in red, a girl in green, etc.), and there was a scrim in the background with an African image on it, and it is lit from behind at one point to show a woman dancing in fog—she is supposed to be an Egyptian goddess. I thought it was pretty cool. The play is funny at times but kind of hard to follow because it’s mostly poetry. My favorite poem is called “Alla My Stuff.”

You can read it here.

Afterwards, we walked to Lori’s car, and she drove us down to Federal Hill, where we met up with Eli and a couple of her friends. Mike joined us later. Some of us ate, and then we went to a bar called Mother’s. It’s actually really cool inside! There are two sections: One is just a regular bar, and the other has a huge dance floor. We went to the area with the dance floor. It was loud but fun. However, the bouncers were jerks a couple of times. We took lots of pictures, laughed a lot, drank a little, and shouted over the music the whole time so we could talk to each other. Some of us danced. Lori, Danielle, Eli, and Savannah (Eli’s friend) did the Cupid Shuffle when it came on.

It’s a shame Kari, Wendy, and Tykia couldn’t have been there.

At 1:35 a.m., the lights started coming on for last call, and we all remarked that that seemed kind of early. Apparently, bars can only stay open until 2 a.m. in Maryland. The bouncers started telling everyone to leave. We left, but Eli made sure to call one of the bouncers a name on the way out, and then she almost got in a fight with a girl outside. Speaking of outside, there were cops everywhere and people walking all over the place. I guess Federal Hill is a popular bar area. Once we got Eli, Savannah, and Kenny a cab, Lori, Danielle, Justin, and I parted ways with Mike and went to Lori’s car so she could drop us all off at home.

Justin and I went to sleep and didn’t get out of bed until 3 p.m. When he left, I made eggs and toast because I hadn’t had it in a long time. Now, it’s about dinnertime. I need to use up the rest of my eggs before they go bad, so I’ll probably make something with eggs.

It was a fun night, but now I need to do a little TV catch-up (Smallville, Spartacus, and Nip/Tuck) and a little homework.

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